I was born and raised in Italy. I came to San Francisco to earn my MFA degree in photography.
My father is the person who inspired me to pursue my passion for art and photography. From his very first day of parenthood, he became obsessed with photographing every moment of his three daughters’ lives. I used to love posing for him and observing his every move when he metered the light and took the pictures.

Throughout his life, my father has been collecting drawings, paintings and artist’s monographs, and catalogs from all the art exhibits that he has attended in Italy and around the world. He took me with him to see many exhibitions around Italy. He taught me to love art, because art, and especially painting, tells the story of humanity, and the evolution of society in the most intimate and genuine way. He told me that art, much like a religion, can open your soul if you believe in it. I inherited his passion for photography, painting, design, and visual arts in general. This is likely why I began making art as a child.

By the time I was five, I had developed some problems with my leg, which greatly limited my movement for several months, and forced me to spend most of my time at home. During that time, the best entertainment for me was painting and drawing. I used to draw for hours and not only on paper, but also on walls and tables around the house. At night, my mom would catch me secretly walking and moving around in my room. These events defined what I wanted to do with my life: make art and keep moving. These two passions led me to travel the world, always hungry for new cultural experiences that inspire my work.

As a teenager, I took a course in black and white film photography while I was studying for my bachelor’s degree in painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti, Pietro Vannucci in Perugia. Spending so many hours in the dark room made me appreciate the work behind a beautiful picture and the poetry in the deepest black and the purest white of black and white photography. From that time onward, I never stopped framing my picture of the world. My artworks became a combination of photography and painting. By painting and drawing on photographs, I could create a coexistence of reality and surrealism. Later on, I realized that I wanted to focus on photography as a different approach to making visual art: preserving images that captured my attention and got stuck in my mind all day.

All my past experiences have shaped and developed my artistic being and my visual sensibility for colors, composition, and visual elements. Thanks to many trips abroad, I have collected amazing experiences. The changes of the surrounding environments and culture shaped my vision, and kept awake my curiosity for everyday life’s small details.

I enrolled in the Academy of Art University (AAU) in San Francisco to continue improving my skill, to learn how to effectively build a career in photography, During my two years in the graduate program, I have consolidated my knowledge of lighting, composition, digital printing, and photo-retouching software. I have developed a personal style for visual and verbal presentation of my photographic projects. After trying different styles of photography as well as different subject matters and approaches, I found my true passion for architectural and interior design photography. I chose this as my field of emphasis because of my natural tendency to look for visual order in the world. I love to share with others how I perceive architecture, as a usable art.

Just after graduation, I started freelancing and I was lucky enough to meet one of the best architectural photographers in the world, Tim Griffith. I started to assist him and learn from him all aspects of the business in architectural photography, from talking to clients to post production. She is now a full time architectural photographer and one of few women to win the APA’s Architectural Photographer of the year award.